Puffco Peak Ceramic Bowl

799.00 Inc GST

The Peak Bowl is a ceramic crucible found within the Peak Atomizer. This is designed to give great flavor and quick heat-up times, ensuring you’ll always have a bowl in the chamber. Includes 1 unit of Puffco Peak OG Ceramic bowl.

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Puffco Peak Bowl
This item: Puffco Peak Ceramic Bowl

In stock

799.00 Inc GST
799.00 Inc GST
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Puffco Peak Bowl: A Ceramic Touch Enhances Your Experience

Keep the ceramic dish in your original Puffco Peak clean and fresh to get the maximum flavor out of your concentrates. This ceramic bowl is intended to be used with the original Puffco Peak atomizer.

Puffco Peak Ceramic Bowl, available at Giggle Grass, is an upgrade for your Puffco Peak. As you embrace the quality of ceramic construction, you will experience better flavor and performance. Giggle Grass’ Puffco Peak Ceramic Bowl will take your sessions to new heights.

Key Features –

  1. Enhanced Flavour: The Puffco Peak Ceramic Bowl’s superior flavor preservation will elevate your vaping experience.
  2. Precise Craftsmanship: Meticulously engineered to ensure a flawless fit and seamless interaction with your Puffco Peak.
  3. Durable Design: Made of high-quality ceramic, the bowl ensures longevity and constant performance.
  4. Easy to Clean: Simple cleaning and maintenance are all you need to keep your bowl in immaculate shape.
  5. Optimal Heat Retention: Enjoy effective heat distribution and retention for vapor cloud satisfaction.

How to use it?

Using the Puffco Peak Ceramic Bowl is an easy and enjoyable experience. To improve your vaping experience, follow these steps:

  1. Preparation: Make sure your Puffco Peak equipment is clean and ready to use.
  2. Attachment: Gently press the Puffco Peak Ceramic Bowl into place on the device to ensure a secure fit.
  3. Loading: Place your desired concentrate into the ceramic bowl with care. For exact placement, use a dab tool.
  4. Heating: Turn on your Puffco Peak and set the appropriate temperature.
  5. Inhale: Heat the bowl, then press your lips on the mouthpiece and slowly inhale the flavorful vapor.
  6. Cool Down: Allow the bowl to cool down after your session before cleaning it.
  7. Cleaning Instructions: Remove the bowl and clean it with isopropyl alcohol and cotton swabs. Before using it again, properly rinse it and make sure it’s absolutely dry.

Discover the improved vapor and flavor of the Puffco Peak Ceramic Bowl by following these simple steps for an unforgettable vaping experience.

Contents –

1x Puffco Peak OG ceramic bowl

Warranty –

No warranty.


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