Volcano Hybrid Filling Chamber Reducer

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Now you can microdose with your Volcano Hybrid using the Volcano Hybrid Filling Chamber Reducer.

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The Hybrid’s Filling Chamber can hold as much as half a gram of dry herbs, or as little as a quarter gram using the Concentrate Pad as a spacer. The Dosing Capsules that you’ll use with this reducer, however, can be used with as little as 0.05 to 0.15 grams of dry herbs, while still delivering satisfying hits. It can also be used with extracts using the Concentrate Pad Set for Dosing Capsules. This item includes one Filling Chamber Reducer with screen, one Dosing Capsule, and one extra screen.

This Filling Chamber Reducer only works with the Volcano Hybrid, not with other Storz & Bickel vaporizers. If you’re looking for the reducer for the Volcano Classic or Volcano Digit, you want this one. Shop our full lineup of Storz & Bickel accessories here.


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