Taroma Lite Plus Aromatheraphy Device DIY Kit

29,999.00 Inc GST

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Taroma Lite Plus Aromatheraphy Device DIY Kit
This item: Taroma Lite Plus Aromatheraphy Device DIY Kit

Available on backorder

29,999.00 Inc GST
29,999.00 Inc GST
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Key Features:

  1. The “Heater Coil Zone” contains approximately 95% of the gemstones in the extended Gemstone Chamber. The 5%-6% space on the cap region is for improved double decker performance, so that concentrates do not evaporate instantly but instead fall into the ‘Heater Coil Zone’.
  2. The usual capacity of the Gemstone Chamber is 300-310pcs of 3mm Rubies. To expand Gemstone Chamber capacity even further, a few threads on the cap can be sacrificed. Most users will not need this.
  3. Increased airflow to compensate for the depth increase. Chamfered air holes are now available for improved ventilation and concentration use.
  4. Begin with a temperature of no more than 510F and gradually increase/decrease to your desired temperature.
  5. To compensate for the deeper Gemstone Chamber, the diameter has been reduced. Taroma Lite Plus now weighs only 23g.
  6. For a proper and tight fit, the coil should be stretched somewhat longer than the Gemstone Chamber length and then pressed back (like a spring) with the cap.


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