XMAX V3 Pro Bubblemax with POTV Adapter

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XMAX V3 Pro Bubblemax with POTV Adapter
This item: XMAX V3 Pro Bubblemax with POTV Adapter

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4,499.00 Inc GST
4,499.00 Inc GST
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Arizer Bent Black Glass Mouthpiece 115mm
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Dynavap 3-in-1 WPA - 75mm
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The Perfect Combination: XMAX V3 Pro Bubblemax with POTV Adapter

The XMAX V3 Pro Bubblemax with POTV Adapter is a dynamic combination that elevates your vaping experience. The XMAX V3 Pro Bubblemax is designed to improve vapour cooling and filtration, resulting in smoother, more pleasant hits. When used in conjunction with the POTV Adapter, it provides diverse interoperability, broadening the variety of devices that can be used. With this potent combo, you’ll get bigger, cleaner, and more pleasant vapour clouds. With this combo, you can elevate your vaping sessions and enjoy the ultimate vaporisation experience.

Benefits :

  1. Improved vapour cooling for smoother, more pleasurable hits
  2. Improved filtration for purer and cleaner vapour clouds
  3. Compatibility with a broader range of devices and vaporizers.
  4. Capability to generate larger and denser vapour clouds
  5. Maintains the natural flavours of herbs or concentrates for increased flavour and aroma
  6. Smooth draws with less harshness
  7. Simple installation and operation
  8. Durable construction for long-term use
  9. Travel-friendly and portable design for on-the-go vaping
  10. Overall enhanced vaping experience with improved vapour quality and flavour

How To Use?

The XMAX V3 Pro Bubblemax with POTV Adapter is a straightforward and pleasant experience. Begin by ensuring that your vaporizer is compatible with the POTV Adapter. Once you’ve decided, prepare your dry herb or concentrate to your liking. Securely connect the POTV Adapter to your vaporizer’s heating chamber or authorised attachment point. Connect the Bubblemax to the POTV Adapter, making sure it’s a tight fit. Allow your vaporizer to heat up and adjust the temperature settings as required. Load a tiny amount of dry herb or concentrate into Bubblemax’s heating chamber, ensuring proper airflow. If necessary, install an additional mouthpiece or accessory.

Turn on your vaporizer and wait for it to reach the temperature you want. Take slow and steady draws from Bubblemax’s mouthpiece, allowing the vapour to pass through and enjoy the smooth and tasty hits. To maintain the best performance, clean the Bubblemax and POTV Adapter carefully after each session. You may easily and enjoyably utilise this combo to improve your vaping experience if you follow these procedures.


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